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Buy Scentsy online. Decorate your home with our amazing wick free Scentsy candle warmers, these artistic ceramic warmers are designed to gently warm and melt scented candle wax from a low watt hotplate inside of the warmer. Buy Scentsy. Shop warmers & wax from my online Scentsy store. Discover Scentsy Fragrance products.  Choose from an amazing range of  Scentsy bars, Warmers, Scentsy Diffusers and other amazing scented gifts.

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As well as offering fantastic scentsy wick free candles, i'm also looking for new consultants in all areas to sell scentsy by party plan, events or simply just to friends and family in all areas uk. you choose how you want to sell. This is a family friendly business opportunity, you choose your own hours and decide how many hours you put into your business.

We already have a great team of consultants spread acroos the UK, Ireland & Scotland, but I would love to have more new consultants join us in Berwick, Northumberland, Newcastle, Sunderland, Liverpool & Blackpool. At the moment Scentsy doesnt seem to be very well known in those areas so I would love for more consultants to join our team to share our amazing products. Even if you do not live in any of the areas listed above, the opportunity to join scentsy to sell as a consultant is open to the whole of the UK, Ireland and Scotland.

No matter where you live you can buy scentsy online from my scentsy online shop in the uk or you can contact me to join scentsy as a consultant to sell scentsy candles to work from home, contact me to discuss joining scentsy or buy scentsy from my online store.

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