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Create your perfect scent signature with Scentsy

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Create your perfect scent signature with Scentsy, Have you ever wanted to mix your own personal fragrances? Scentsy’s new Diffusers invite you to take the time to find your inner perfumer. Our line of three graceful and glowing Diffuser shades are your fragrance laboratories, and also gorgeous additions to your home or office decor. Use the diffuser, pure water and then choose from a wide range of essential oils, oil blends and natural oil extracts, 21 in all, to create your perfect scent signature. Buy scentsy oil diffusers online from my online scentsy store with delivery direct to your home.

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Emphasize the notes you love and eliminate the aromas you find less compelling as you craft your own line of fragrant blends that express your moods and your personality. Relax and enjoy the fruits of your creativity, a microscopic mist spreading the wonderfully evocative scents throughout your home or office. Adjust light settings and mist intensity to perfect your new Scentsy Diffuser experience.

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Available from September 1st 2015! Wake up your fragrance muse and start planning for this new Scentsy aromatic adventure.

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