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Earn Free Scentsy Credit With A Scentsy Basket Party

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Do you love Scentsy products? but maybe wanting to try scentsy products before your buy or even host a basket party or home party for the chance to view products and share products with friends. With a Scentsy basket party for people on the go you can do just that, try Scentsy for yourself and have the chance to share products with friends and family for your chance to earn your Scentsy products free and half priced. These are fantastic rewards provided to any host who decides to take a basket party for on the go to share with people or book a home party to share products with friends and family. Scentsy host rewards. free Scentsy product credit and half priced items are rewarded by your sales. The more people you share products with the better the rewards you earn for hosting. Sound too good to be true? No its not. Host rewards are offered to ALL hosts for any type of party. Rewards start at £245 worth of products and yes, this also qualifies for FREE SHIPPING with Scentsy too! 

book a scentsy party

heres a typical example of the baskets i offer as a basket party. small and simple to carry anywhere you go.

scentsy basket party

Contact me to book a basket, book a home party or join scentsy as a consultant to be part of this amazing opportunity.

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