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Candle Melts Scentsy - Candle Wax Bar Melts

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Candle melts. Scentsy fragranced candle wax bars are highly scented wax bars also known as Scentsy bars or candle melts. Many customers confuse the name melts with bars.

Scentsy bars are designed to be gently warmed using no wick or flame to gently warm & melt to give off an amazing fragrance. Our Scentsy bars are designed to be warmed slowly using our uniqueScentsy warmers. These candle melts are like no other, because they have been specifially designed to be warmed rather than burned using a wick they are able to hold more fragrance oil than traditional wicked scented candles or candle melts designed to be used in burners.

If you are looking to buy scentsy melts or bars you can shop online from my approved Scentsy store or simply visit to view the amazing range of fragrance choices available.

There are a huge range of fantastic scentsy bar fragrances to melt in your warmer.

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