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The Ultimate Fragrance Wax Bar

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Buy Scentsy wick free candle bars, these long lasting scented wax bars fill your home with over 80 fragrance scents. These safe scented wax scentsy bars are designed to be gently warmed to set off a fab fragrance using a ceramic scentsy warmer, an amazing safer, stronger, longer lasting alternative to scented candles or candle jars. Simply break off 1 or 2 cubes of your scentsy wick free candle wax bar and place it into the top dish of your scentsy warmer for the ultimate safe scented candle wax experience. The wax is gently warmed from a low watt hotplate inside of the warmer for you to enjoy the scented wax experience without any wick, flame, soot or smoke. Dont have a Scentsy warmer to warm your scentsy fragrance wax bars?

Buy scentsy ceramic warmers or scentsy wick free scented candle wax bars here.

6 pack scentsy bars wickfree scented

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