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Tigers Eye Scentsy Warmer - Colour Changing

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Our Tigers Eye Scentsy warmer is available in the UK from March 1st 2015. The Tigers Eye Art Glass wick free candle warmer is a new colour changing Scentsy warmer. Watch this Stunning new Scentsy warmer change colours! Available to buy in the UK from March 1st 2015! 

Tigers Eye Art Glass scentsy wick free scented candle warmer... The NEW stunning Tiger's eye Scentsy Art Glass, is a colour rotating Scentsy wick free candle warmer, another amazing creation by Scentsy! The Tigers Eye Scentsy wick free scented candle warmer is a truly stunning warmer. Available to purchase from the 1st March 2015! Warm right up to the possibilities of the Tiger’s Eye Art Glass Warmer from Scentsy. Bronze, green and blue glow in a constantly changing pattern, each hand blown warmer unique but all have the distinctive curves and swirls resulting in the eye of the tiger fixing you in its gaze.

tigers eye art glass scentsy wick free candle warmer


The beautiful one of a kind swirls of light, dark and color of the Tiger’s Eye Art Glass Warmer by Scentsy are gorgeous right out of the box, but the real magic begins when you plug in the warmer. Drop in a cube or two of your chosen Scentsy bar and then let the light show developing within the warmer blow your mind. A LED light changes color within, shimmering through the hand blown glass in hues of green, blue and bronze.

An amazing 'must have' scentsy wick free candle warmer. As we all would agree Scentsy has produced some amazing wick free Scentsy warmers in all different styles and colours, but this one is my favourite so far!

The colour rotation is stunning!

Get your hands on this amazing Tigers Eye Art Glass Scentsy warmer 

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