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I'm looking for people who usually buy scented candle jars or oil burners, in the north east areas, including hartlepool, seaham, durham, horden, peterlee, thornley, wingate, shotton, easington, castle eden, hesleden. Do you love candles and buy candle  jars or even oil burners? Would you be interested in TRIALING a scentsy wick free candle warmer and fragrance wax candle bars. If you would like to find out what scentsy wick free candles warmers & fragranced candle wax bars are all about you welcome to view my website www.wickfreescented or join my Facebook group

Scensty wick free candle warmers are Safer - stronger - longer lasting alternative to candle jars, traditional scented candles & oil burners. No wick - no flame - no soot - no smoke - no fire risk & safe around children and pets. A much safer alternative to an oil burner or flamed candle or jar. Would you like to take a trial or have the chance to earn free and half priced scentsy? If you would like to know if i can offer you a trial wick free scentsy warmer in your area please contact me. I also offer various types of parties to share products with friends & family.

If you are not on Facebook you can contact me here or call me on 07943730454  

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