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Discontinued Scentsy Products 2015

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Here’s the list of the discontinuing wick free Scentsy candle wax Bars, warmers and other Scented products… Scentsy wick free candle wax fragrance bars and certain warmers & products will be discontinued to allow room for new the new spring /summer Brochure there is A 10% SALE ON ALL SCENTSY BARS feb only! If you love any of these wick free Scentsy candle wax bars, warmers or products, February 2015 is the last chance to buy! All Scentsy warmers & wick free scented candle bars are 10% all this month, February only! If there’s any of these you love, now is the time to stock up,buy online, buy in bulk & save with 10% off! 

All Scentsy Bars, warmers and other Scents products listed will NOT be in the new Spring/summer brochure next month. The new Scentsy brochure for Spring/summer 2015 will be launched March 1st.  No one knows which scents will be returning or which of your favourite Scented bars are coming back… Follow me on Facebook to keep up to date with new & returning products.

Natures heaven Scentsy warmer has completely SOLD OUT! 

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