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I am promoting Scentsy fragrance wickless candle warmers & scented products within the North East UK to gain exposure targeting candle lovers and switching them to the safer alternative, Scentsy Fragrance Scentsy products are a safer, stronger, longer lasting alternative to scented candle. Scentsy candle warmers have no wick, no flame, no soot, no smoke and no fire risk.  These amazing scented candle products are safe around children & pets. Scentsy candle warmers come in a huge range or styles & colours to suit any style or taste along with over 80 gorgeous fragrance wax bars (scentsy bars) to use in your warmer. If that isn’t enough to make you think wow I want to know more… Each and every ceramic scentsy candle warmer comes with 3 year manufacturer guarantee!   Once you have purchased one warmer you are guaranteed to get at least 3 years use out of that warmer, then you only need to buy the scented scentsy bars as often or as little as you like!  Undecided what to think of these unique products? Contact me ask me for a trial! I am current looking for product testers to take a trial basket of scentsy products in the County Durham & Hartlepool area, do you live in the North east UK, County Durham or Hartlepool Cleveland area? Would you like to try Scentsy to find out for yourself what Scentsy is all about? Contact me

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