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Dont just take my word for it.. watch this fab news report by fox tv!


These are some of the reasons as consultants we love working from home offering amazing products, people fall in love with scentsy wick free candle warmers and the amazing scentsy bar fragrance wax scents. We simple demonstrate these amazing scented products & people fall in love! These safe scented wick free products can be left unattended, they are wick free, no naked flame, no soot and no smoke these fab scented ceramic and wax products are safe around children and pets. You no longer have to worry about falling asleep on the sofa after a hard days work, waking up to realise you have left your traditional flamed candle unattended, which could be fatal!

Once demonstrated people fall in love, not only with the actual scented product, they also fall in love with the opportunity! Who wouldn't want the opportunity to work from home? Free up some time as well as offering amazing scented wax products. Spreading the scentsy love is so worthwhile! If you already have a passion for scentsy wickfree scented products, this may be the perfer opportunity for you no matter which country you are in.If you would like to become a consultant offering these amazing safe wick free scented wax products dont delay!




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