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When you Join my team as a new Consultant you get to offer amazing Scentsy candles.

Scentsy is a fun and exciting business to join with added perks as well as a monthly commission. You can Join Scentsy candles as soon as today.

When you Join Scentsy candles to become a Consultant, I will support you in starting, developing and growing your Scentsy business. This business is more than just warmers and wax it's about building long lasting relationships, earning a regular monthly income as well as receiving great perks, rewards and recognition along the way.

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When you make the choice to join to offer Scentsy candles you are providing yourself with the chance to earn amazing Scentsy set incentives including all expenses paid trips to holiday destinations, new consultant awards, and ongoing monthly awards. Starting a new business as a consultant my seem overwhelming, however you make your journey what your want it to be, if you are forward focused and want to achieve you will succeed! If you already know and love Scentsy Candles this is the perfect opportunity for you to earn while offering scented products you love.

 The Scentsy Starter Kit

Our beautiful Scentsy Candle products are offered in our starter kit, this kit provides everything you need to start your own Scentsy business. There are no hidden extras.

Did you know that the average business costs £5,000 to start? A fantastic kit worth over £200 is yours for only £85.00 & £6 shipping. Contents may vary due to current stock levels.


Scentsy Candles is a great business opportunity to join, when you join my team, Scentsy will send you your Scentsy Starter Kit. Your Starter Kit includes everything you need to hold your first party and launch a successful Scentsy candle business.

The join kit includes a current Scentsy candle warmer, Scentsy catalogues and loads other business materials, demonstration products, and a full set of scent our Scentsy testers.  To build a successful Scentsy Candle business all you need to do is add your love of Scentsy products and have a passion to share Scentsy candles and scents with people you know.

Some people believe our Scentsy candle business opportunity is solely a party plan business, However, if the party option is not for you dont worry, you can still earn a commission and great perks with Scentsy simply by offering scentsy candles and all other amazing pscents products to friends, family and people you know. 


 If you are wondering how to sell Scentsy candles once you Join, heres some useful information and ideas on how i got started. 

When you join Scentsy, you are provided with a three-month FREE subscription to your own personal Scentsy website. At the end of the three months it is only £10 a month to continue your subscription. The Scentsy website subscription is a “switch on and off” option with no tie in or obligation at all. This is a very powerful tool which enables you to generate online sales. As an additional bonus, Scentsy deal with the dispatch of orders generated through your website and go straight our from our Scentsy warehouse without you having to deal with the order yourself. You can track orders placed within your website through your Scentsy workstation after you join.

Scentsy is your personal business when you join, you sell Scentsy how you choose to and feel confident with. I started my Scentsy candle business by handing catalogues out to family and friends, who then in turn passed the catalogues to their friends, as soon as my confidence grew, which was very quickly due to the positive response I had already received, I started offering local Scentsy parties and attending local events to share scentsy products that way.

From starting out with my Scentsy candle business I have established soem very loyal customers who have then booked Scentsy home parties, word of mouth is a fantastic selling tool and best of all it is free, all you need to do is share the Scentsy products you love.

Some people feel the party option may not be for them, if you feel the party option isn't for you, don't worry, you can still offer friends and family trial products to allow them to try Scentsy for themselves and expore scents within our candle range and other products, if you offer people the opportunity to share products with friends and family they can have the chance to earn free & half priced items for showing their friends and collecting orders. This is the simplest and easiest way of collecting orders. This is what we call a basket party.

With Scentsy no catalogue drops are required and no requirement to use the Scentsy candle business as a sole party plan option, you can share products how you please. Many consultants offers products on facebook to gain a wider customer base with people they may not come into contact with each and every day. The opportunities are endless.

We are always looking for new consultants to take up the Scentsy candle business opportunity to join us to share amazing Scentsy products. Help is wanted in all areas in a range of countries to share the love for our products.

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Support and Training 

Once you join my Scentsy team, you can be assured you will receive full support from not only myself, but also fellow Scentsy consultants within my team and throughout the UK,USA, Ireland & Spain. We have a fantastic support network in the form of closed groups on Facebook. We also have a training centre on our personal workstation where you will have access to valuable selling tools where we can share hints and tips on how to make the most of this amazing opportunity.

I will help you every step of the way with your Scentsy candle business, not only creating and establishing your Scentsy business, but also to help you in your continued success!



When You Join My Scentsy Team You Will Receive: 

Full support and training

Access to our Team Facebook groups

Acces to world class training calls weekly

Full access to our Team Resource Centre that is password protected

A large selection of templates and marketing ideas

Instant accessabilty to me via email or phone

Monthly team incentives on top of Scentsy run incentives

Monthly team newsletters

 Are You Ready to Start Your Scentsy Career? 

If the answer is "yes" and you are ready to become a scentsy uk consultant you can get started right away!


If you would like to join Scentsy but your country is not listed on the drop down menu of my website please contact me

Not ready just yet? please contact me through my wesbite or call or text me on 07943730454.


Undecided whether to join Scentsy as a consultant?

I hear this a lot...."I want to join Scentsy, but I'm not a salesperson"

Oh okay...

1. You shared a Coke can with your name on it that caused everyone to look for a Coke with their name on it. 


2. You posted a picture of a delicious meal item from a restaurant that caused all of your friends to go try it for themselves. 


3. You shared the latest book that you read that caused all of your friends to download it or rush to their local book store.


4. You went to see a movie and loved it so much you shared it with your friends and that caused them to take their entire family to see it. 


5. You received a great deal at a local store...a cheap discount. You couldn't wait to share it with your friends so they too could take advantage of the savings. 


6. You got your hair done and loved it so much that you posted about how much you loved it and everyone asked who you went to and what you got done so they can get the same. 


The only difference is...

You didn't get paid for those referrals?

Coca cola did ?

The restaurant did ?

The bookstore did ?

The Cinema did ?

The local store did ?

The hairdresser did ?

How about sharing an amazing product you will love that is changing lives around the globe?

"Not a salesperson?" I said the same thing!! Who doesn't love going overseas..FOR FREE...every year ??

For your chance to earn amazing incentives Enroll now!!

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