Crystallize Scentsy Diffuser

Buy our Crystallize Scentsy Diffuser. With this stunning Scentsy Diffuser a flurry of snowflakes comes to life in mesmerizing colour and light, for a winter-perfect accent you’ll want to display all year.

Unique and elegant, Scentsy aromatherapy oil diffusers change colour and are the perfect decorative piece to have in your home. Each Scentsy diffuser boast 16 LED lighting settings and 3 mist settings allowing you to enjoy a personalised fragrance experience. 

Simply add water and your favourite Scentsy Oil to the reservoir, choose your light and mist option and enjoy. The Scentsy Diffuser releases your perfect fragrance, carried in a microscopic mist, for an exclusively natural, full-bodied, immediate experience precisely matched to your personal preferences.

Each Scentsy Diffuser comes with a limited lifetime warranty on defects.