Blue Grotto Fragrance Flower  scentsy

Blue Grotto Fragrance Flower by Scentsy is a newer scent within our fragrance flower range. Our fragrance flowers have been so popular with Scentsy customers, Scentsy have now decided to bring out more fragrances for our fragrance flowers to offer customers even more choice than ever before.

Blue Grotto Fragrance Flower allows you to Run away with fresh tropical notes, sweet citrus and lush botanicals with this gorgeous scent. Blue grotto is a real customer favourite fragrance with Scentsy customers. You have to experience this fragrance to understand why it is loved by so many. 

Our Blue Grotto Scentsy Fragrance Flower has been really popular and tends to go out of stock quite quickly. If blue grotto is available and you love this fragrance, grab that while you can. You will be gald you did! 

Blue Grotto Fragrance Flower  Scentsy wick free scented candles