SCENTSY SPECIALS SALE! Shop Scentsy On Sale!!!

scentsy sale

Shop Scentsy sale products all year round. Our Scentsy sale items are typically Scentsy Warmers and products that have previously been in the catalogue that Scentsy has decided to discontinue ready for the new catalogue items arriving. These closeout sale candle warmers are all top quality safe candles and scented products, all of our sale products are brand new in original packaging which make a bargain buy! It's time to grab amazing Scentsy products at great prices. Grab your Scentsy bargains and get some great savings in our on-going Scentsy sale.

The closeout Scentsy products are only available while supplies last, so if you see a particular closeout Scentsy Warmer that you really like, don’t wait! Shop our bargain and discounted Scentsy products while you can. 

by the sea scentsy barYou don’t want to miss out on your pick, especially at such a great close-out sale prices. 

Certain discountinued scented Scentsy bars are also sold at clearance price when they change the brochure ready for the new or returning scented bars coming. 

Certain Scentsy Buddies are discounted, however these go really quick, so if there's a one you want grab it while you can, buddies are now limited addition and don't stay around very long if they do they tend tobe put into a vault for a special and only released at certain times, if you are lucky enough to catch a Scentsy Buddy in the sale that you love grab that while it is available!

Accessories and other scented Scentsy products are also available in this the closeout section in my Scentsy specials sale.

To view the full range of discounted products click to view my Scentsy store online and look out for the closeout or sale section under the specials tab! 

(Remember to choose you country to see correct currency before placing products into your basket)


closeout scentsy sale

Now you know about our great Scentsy Specials sale we have all year round, heres tips on how to buy your current Scentsy products cheaper than the retail price. When you buy Scentsy Bars, you can get free Scentsy Bars. If you buy 5 Scentsy Bars you can get one Scentsy Bar free each time you buy as a special Scentsy bundle from the specials section of my website. When you shop online search for specials, then bundle and save before choosing your selection to get your free bar.

Get free Scentsy bars by using this one simple tip. Use our bundle and save 6 pack options before adding your Scentsy bars into your basket. Fill your space with amazing Scentsy bar fragrances for less! 

Time after time customers purchase our Scentsy bars at full price when they could be saving and receiving extra Scentsy bars free. Each time you buy 5 bars you can choose one bar free at no further cost simply by using our 6 pack option.  Feel free to use this simple cost effective online shopping technique each time you shop with us, we want you to get more for your money when you buy Scentsy from us. Don't miss out by adding bars to your basket without choosing the combine and save option first. (Bundle & save)


Our savings don't stop there; we have other great deals and savings by purchasing using our combine and save options… Scentsy candle warmers & Scentsy bar bundles, Scentsy car bar bundles, Scentsy scent pak bundles, Scentsy laundry bundles and more. 

*Look for the Specials tab in my online shop then go to combine and save or bundle and save to view all bundle offers.