Scentsy Snow Globe Warmer UK - Numbered collectors item

Scentsy Snow Globe Warmer

The Scentsy Snow globe collectors Candle Warmer for 2019! Our yearly collectors piece is coming 13th November! All specially numbered to make each collectable warmer unique. These are produced in limited quantities. 

If you collect our unique collectors piece each year you wont want to miss out on this one. The snow globe is truly stunning!

Our Scentsy Snow globe Candle Warmer is a limited edition collectors item. Each of these Snow Globe Collectors Candle Warmers are numbered to be unique & comes with the matching ornament.

The Snow Globe Warmer is unlike anything we’ve offered before. A sweet snowman family in a glitter wonderland (yes, glitter!) reminds us of everything we love about winter, while a light casts a soft holiday glow and a fan keeps the glitter in motion for continuous sparkle.

Each warmer is numbered to be a unique, limited-edition collectible. It even comes with a matching Christmas ornament to adorn your tree!

Ready to shine as the new centerpiece of your holiday décor, the Snow Globe Warmer is £158 and will be available while supplies last starting Wednesday, 13 November. If you are a collector, please order early to enable me to get one for you.


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