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Scentsy Air Purifier for a clean and beautifully scented environment. The Scentsy Air Purifier provides a fresh approach to clean air and beautiful Scentsy fragrance.

The Scentsy Air Purifier automatically detects particles in the air. Air is pulled through a HEPA H13 filter, removing 99.95% of airborne particles. Clean air is pushed through Scentsy Pods, leaving your space clean and beautifully scented.

Each Scentsy Air Purifier includes one quality air filter, our HEPA H13 filter is capable of removing at least 99.95% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns including dust, pollen, mold and bacteria. Replacement HEPA filters are also available separately.

To gain the benefit of instant Scentsy fragrance and clean air add up to two Scentsy Pods in your favourite scents.

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all Scentsy Air purifiers so you have peace of mind knowing you have purchased backed with a warranty.

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Did you know...
Most people spend about 90% of their time indoors, where pollutant levels can be surprisingly higher than they are outside.

Scentsy Air Purifier FAQ.

How does the Scentsy Air Purifier work?

The Scentsy Air Purifier cleans the air using a HEPA H13 filter while also dispersing signature Scentsy fragrance via Scentsy Pods (sold separately). The unit draws air in and passes it through a sensor. Whenever the sensor detects particles of a given amount and size, the Air Purifier’s air quality indicator light goes from white to red; if the unit is on Auto mode, the fan will switch to High mode to quickly clean the air.

What Scentsy fragrance product does the Air Purifier use?

The Air Purifier is designed to be used with Scentsy Pods and can hold up to two pods at a time. As the unit releases clean air back into your environment, the air flows through the Scentsy Pods to fill your space with fragrance.

Are there different settings?

Yes. The Air Purifier cleans the air in three modes: Auto, Low and High. Auto mode’s default fan speed is low, but once the Air Purifier detects pollutants it switches to a high fan speed to quickly clean the air. Once the device has senses clean air, it returns to Low mode. Low and High modes do not switch automatically and must be manually changed using the fan speed button.

What type of filter does the unit come with?

Every Scentsy Air Purifier comes with one HEPA H13 filter, which is capable of removing at least 99.95% of airborne particles and allergens as small as 0.3 microns (µm), including dust, pollen, mould and bacteria.

Why doesn’t the unit use a carbon filter?

Carbon air filters are designed to filter gases through a bed of activated carbon (also called activated charcoal) and are typically used to combat volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and eliminate odour. Because our Air Purifier is designed to also release fragrance into the air, using a carbon filter would compromise the fragrance experience.

Can I purchase filters separately?

Yes. Replacement filters are available to purchase separately and can also be added to Scentsy Club subscriptions. With a Scentsy Club subscription, you can get 10% off replacement HEPA filters and Scentsy Pods (on orders over £36/€44) and other great perks.

How much are the replacement filters?

Replacement filters are £42/€51 each.

How often do I need to replace the filter?

The default life of the filter is 950 hours in High more or 1,200 in Low mode, so it depends on how frequently it’s being used and the quality of the air it has filtered. For example, the filter will last 40 days if used continuously 24 hours a day, seven days a week; it will last 120 days or approximately four months if used eight hours a day. The life of the filter will also vary based on numerous environmental factors (e.g., the volume of particulates in the air). Once the filter’s hour limit has been reached, a small red light will appear under the filter icon in the front of the device to indicate it needs to be replaced. Toreset the Air filter replacement indicator, hold down the power button for approximately 3 seconds (the unit should turn off as part of this process).

How do I know when to replace the filter?

A small red light will appear under the filter icon on the front of the Air Purifier when the filter needs to be changed

How long does it take the Air Purifier to clean the air in a 150-square-foot (14-square-metre) room?

Approximately 30 minutes in Auto mode.

What is the clean air delivery rate (CADR)?

The CADR for the Scentsy Air Purifier is 70.5m cubed per hour.

How long can I leave the unit on?

The unit is designed to run continuously. You can also choose to set the timer for two, four or eight hours by using the timer button.

What area size is the Air Purifier designed for?

The Air Purifier is ideal for spaces up to 200 sq. ft. (19 sq. metres), like nurseries, bedrooms, home offices and more.

Does the unit have light?

Yes. A large white ring around the buttons lights up to indicate when the unit is on and that the unit detects good air quality. This same ring turns red when it detects poor air quality. This light can be turned off by pressing the light button (the unit will still continue to clean the air). There is also a small red light above the ring that indicates when the default air filter replacement life has been reached, and small blue light that indicates a timer is activated

Is the product safe?

Yes.The Scentsy Air Purifier meets all standard electrical requirements.

Is the unit quiet?

Yes. The Scentsy Air Purifier emits a soft fan sound. On High mode, the unit measures 47.9 decibels (dBA).

Does the Air Purifier get hot while in use?

No. The unit does not get hot.

Does the Scentsy Air Purifier have advantages over Scentsy’s Warmer and Diffuser systems?

While all Scentsy systems provide an exceptional fragrance experience, the Air Purifier removes at least 99.95% of airborne particles and allergens as small as 0.3 microns, including dust, pollen, mould and bacteria, while filling the air with fragrance.

Does the Air Purifier work with a humidifier in the same room?

Yes. When tested with a humidifier, the unit was not impacted by humidity.

Can the Scentsy Air Purifier replace my air purifier?

Yes, this unit can replace your existing air purifier.

Does the Scentsy Air Purifier help with smoke?

Tobacco smoke particles can range in size from 0.1 to 1.0. The Scentsy Air Purifier is designed to remove particles as small as 0.3 microns

How big is the Scentsy Air Purifier?

28 cm tall.

Why are Air Purifiers so popular?

It has been proven that most people spend about 90% of their time indoors, where pollutant levels can be higher than they are outside.