Discover safe Scentsy Candles, All Scentsy candle bars are designed to be paired with our Scentsy Candle warmers, our warmers are warmed with a heating element or bulb rather than the use of a wick or flame.

Our Scentsy candle Warmers in all shapes and sizes are so simple and easy to use. Simply melt our Scentsy Candle wax bars in our uniquely designed Electric Candle warmers to perfume your home with amazing scents and seasonal fragrances. Scentsy Candle warmers really are a simple system, plug in, switch them on, place your desired amount of candle wax bar cubes into the warmer dish and Indulge in an aromatic experience.

Scentsy Candles tip, Many Scentsy customers choose to use two cubes of Candle wax in large warmers and only one cube of candle wax in mini plug in or mini table top base warmers. (Mini Warmers are smaller and designed to be more compact). A lot of new large Scentsy Warmers can hold additional candle wax cubes, if your warmer can hold more than two candle wax cubes on the top dish where you place the wax cubes there will be a number, you can use that as a guide, however if you only use one or two cubes at any time you will get more scent for your money. Only replace the candle wax once there is no scent left available within the wax or if you would like a change. 

We offer an unbelieable choice of scents including Floral, fruity, seasonal, limited edition, licensed scents, new release scent collections, woody scents, perfume scents, bakery, masculine, romantic and much more in our Scentsy Candle Bars

Explore our huge range of Scentsy Candle Warmers offering so many styles and designs. If bling is your thing, we have that covered, if you prefer a more netural look to fit into your decor you are sure to find something that will suit your style. Whatever your scent preference or style im sure you will find the perfect Scentsy Candle solutions within our Scentsy candle bars and Scentsy candle warmers. 

Scentsy Candles in a bar (Scentsy Bars) These wick free candle bars are typically a block of fragrant wax in eight break-apart sections made into one Scentsy bar. When warmed in a Scentsy Warmer, the candle wax releases amazing fragrance into the air without flame, smoke or soot, making Scentsy candles a safer option to a flamed candle. 

Scentsy candle bars can be purchased as single bars of eight cubes, 3 pack of bars or a 6 pack of bars. You gain more for your money when using our savings options with the 3 Scentsy Bar pack or 6 Scentsy bar pack bundles or bundle and save options on Scentsy candle bars and warmers combined.

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