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Whether you looking to warm scented candles or diffuse fragrance oil Scentsy have a fantastic range of fragrance systems to choose from.

Do you love candles and oil burners but sometimes worry about the flame? Now we have new amazing wickless scentsy candle warmers and scented wax bar along with wickless world class oil diffusers you no longer need to worry about naked flames! Scentsys ceramic plug in candle warmers are designed to gently warm and melt scented wax candle bars (known as scentsy bars) using a low watt hotplate fitted to the inside of the warmer. You place 2 cubes f scentsy bars into the top dish, switch on and enjoy! Scentsy wickless warmers means no more naked flame! As well as Scensty amazing ceramic wickless candles warmers they have now introduced the newest most advanced ultrasonic cold mist technology oil diffuser with 16 different LED lighting settings, these fantastic safe scented products have to been seen to be appreciated! 

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Naviagate around my website to find out more about our wick free scented ceramic candles warmer and new cold mist techonolgy world class oil diffusers. 

We so sure our scentsy products are manufactured to the highest possible standard with offer manufacturer warranties with scentsy warmers and diffusers! All Scentsy wickless candle warmers come with 3 year year manufacturer guarantee and all scentsy oil diffusers come with a full lifetime guarantee!

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