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Book A Scentsy Candle Stall At Your Work Place | Safe Candle Demo

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Are you a local business that would like to help keep your staff safe at home? Book a stall at your workplace, Educate your staff to use Safe wickless ceramic warmer instead of traditional wicked candles, theres no fire risk! No wick no, naked flame, no soot and no smoke, Fine to be left unattended if you fall alseep after a hard days work! Everyone needs to be educated on the saftey of Scentsy! Safe around children and pets. Scentsy safe wick free ceramic plug in warmers are designed to gently warm and melt scented wax from a low watt hot plate inside of the warmer to set off a fab fragrance and give the perfect safe scented wax experience. Safe safe in your home and choose scentsy! Offer the chance to educate your staff too educate your staff to stay safe in the office as well as at home! 

Using a scentsy system, you simply place one or 2 cubes of the fragranced scentsy bar into the top dish of the warmer, plug in switch on and enjoy! Theres a huge range of handcrafted ceramic plug in warmers and over 80 fragrance Scents to choose from. i'm happy to come to your workplace free of charge to offer a demonstration in your staffing room or break room to eduacte your staff on the safety of using Scentsy rather than naked flamed candles. 

I can offer a demonstration to all types of workplaces in the north east uk, hartlepool, shotton, peterlee, durham, sunderland, no where is too far, if i am unable to attend i am happy to see if we have any other consultants is any other areas to accommodate you. no where os too far.

A consultant can simply set up and demonstration small stall, demonstrate product working, show a range of ceramic warmers, you and your colleagues will get to smell products and smell and  a range of samples, you can see for yourself how safe a scentsy stystem is.

If you would like to book a scentsy demonstration at your workplace please contact me Email. (Please provide a valid telephonenumber if emailing) Telephone number 07943730454.

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