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A Scentsy warmer is an electric plug in candle 'warmer' (not burner) The electric Scentsy candle warmer has a low watt hotplate inside of the warmer which is designed to gently 'warm' the wick free/ wick less scented candle wax bars called Scentsy bars. These electric plug in candle warmers are also known as a Scentsy system. I often get asked 'how can you have a scented candle without a wick'. The answer is simple. Place one or 2 cubes of wick free / wick less candle wax bars known as scentsy bars into the top dish of any Scentsy warmer. When you place the electric cord into the back of the warmer and plug it in, then switch it on the hotplate gently warms the scented candle wax bar to set off a fab fragrance. These electric plug in candle warmers are the safer, stronger, longer lasting alternative to scented candles, they have no wick, no flame, no smoke and no fire risk. There is no risk of burning, materials, children or pets! Not only are Scentsy electric warmers safer than scented candles, each electric scentsy warm comes with a 3 year manufacturer guarantee! 

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