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Get FREE Scentsy!! Various Ways To Earn Free Scentsy! Who Doesn’t Love Something Free!

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Get FREE Scentsy!! Various Ways To Earn Free Scentsy!  Who Doesn't Love Something Free!

Request your free Scentsy wax sample today or find out other various ways you can earn free Scentsy. Who doesn't love getting something for nothing! 

There are many ways you can earn free Scentsy.

free Scentsy Wick Free Scented Candles

Free Scentsy Wax sample.

Comment on my blog below to receive a FREE Scentsy sample!

*Once you provide your email address I will contact you by email to take your address details to send you out one random free Scentsy wax sample. Please note all blog posts have to be approved and no email addresses will be shown publicly. 

By placing a qualifying party order (with or without hosting a party)

All orders over £245 qualify for free and half priced Scentsy plus free shipping! 

(Qualifying orders must be placed by telephone 07943730454 to earn the free and half priced products and is not available by purchasing online direct through the website as discounts must be added manually.) 

**This is a fantastic option to get something for nothing if you wish to combine your own sales with friends and family sales. All products can be sent to one address. We will class the addressee as the 'qualifying host' to hand out products to friends and family. 

**Another option is for our diffuser fans. Those who wish to buy more than one diffuser purchase by telephone! If you are buying 2 or more diffusers alone this will take you over a qualifying order for free and half priced Scentsy… This can allow you to choose your Scentsy fragrance oils free and half price with you Scentsy diffuser purchase for simply placing an order you were going to place anyway, but qualifying for free stuff and also free shipping! 

By purchasing 2 Scentsy diffusers by telephone you can earn £31.60 worth of free credit to spend on any product and one half priced items! 

Host any type of party!

Home party, basket party or pouch party to earn free and half priced items. 

Book parties!  

When someone books a party from your order or party or places a qualifying order you can earn and extra half priced Scentsy product to go on their order! 

Join Scentsy! 

When you join Scentsy as a consultant to sell Scentsy you can earn free and half priced items each time you place a qualifying order yourself and you can reap the rewards by earning free ad half priced items on every qualifying order you place as well as earning commission on all sales!! Yep earn free Scentsy as well as getting paid to sell Scentsy! 


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